Update for the tsintermittent package

By | August 4, 2014

I uploaded today to CRAN an updated version of tsintermittent. Yesterday I found a bug in the optimisation of the Croston’s, SBA and TSB methods and this update fixes that. Here is the changelog for this update:

Version 1.3 (04 August 2014)
  * Corrected major optimisation bug - issue with opt.on in all crost, 
    tsb and sexsm functions.
  * Corrected bug in imapa function when maximumAL was very high.
  * Corrected bugs in the legend of imapa function plots.
  * Added option to optimise only initial values without parameters in 
    crost, tsb and sexsm functions.
  * Added init.opt option for imapa in the same way as it is for crost 
    and tsb functions. This does not affect SES optimisation.
  * Added option to use pre-fitted imapa models.

If you had experienced some strange behaviour with optimising the various methods, especially SBA, this update fixes this. I strongly suggest you update the intermittent demand package to version 1.3 as soon as possible!

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