ISIR 2016 research presentations

By | October 10, 2016

Last August I attended the International Symposium on Inventories, organised by the International Society for Inventory Research (ISIR 2016). This is the second time I had attended this conference and it has been again a very good experience. Interesting talks on a variety of relevant topics to forecasting research. I organised a special track on estimating demand uncertainty, looking at the link between forecasts, inventories and associated decisions.

I was involved in a number of presentations with my colleagues and students, which you can find here:

  1. Barrow D., Kourentzes N., Petropoulos F., Combining and pooling forecasts based on selection criteria.
  2. Kourentzes N., Tabar B. R., Barrow D. K., Demand forecasting by temporal aggregation: using optimal or multiple aggregation levels?
  3. Sagaert Y. R., De Vuyst S., Kourentzes N., Aghezzaf E-H., Desmet B., Incorporating macro-economic leading indicators in inventory management.
  4. Saoud P., Kourentzes N., Boylan J., Estimating demand uncertainty over multi-period lead times.
  5. Svetunkov I., Kourentzes N., Asymmetric prediction intervals using half moment of distribution.



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