I am a professor in predictive analytics at Högskolan i Skövde, Sweden, in the Skövde Artificial Intelligence Lab, and a member of the Centre for Marketing Analytics and Forecasting, at Lancaster University, UK.

I am researching various areas of time series modelling and business forecasting, using Artificial intelligence, Econometrics and Statistics. My research interests include model specification, combination and uncertainty, loss functions, hierarchical forecasting and temporal aggregation, and behavioural forecasting. I am keenly interested in areas of applications associated with organisations and supply chains, such as demand forecasting, promotional modelling, uncertainty in inventory management, and the forecasting process in organisations. Furthermore, I have been involved in multiple research projects with industry and the public sector, with these collaborations being a key driver behind my research.

I have authored multiple open source packages for the R statistical computing language for time series forecasting and co-authored the Principles of Business Forecasting, 2nd ed. My intention with these is to make state-of-the-art forecasting more widely accessible, and with that purpose I try in this blog, publications in practitioner outlets, and talks, to engage with the wider community beyond academia.

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